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ITK Kids

Get Your Kids Out Of Class And Into The Kitchen

Seasonal Camps

Kids out of school? We offer Camps for every season and time off of the year. Kids will learn, grow, and sharpen their skills in the kitchen and bring food home after every camp.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties have never been more fun than being inside the kitchen. With 5 different themes to choose from, theres a party for everyone!

Kids Classes

Get out of class and into the kitchen! We offer special classes every tuesday after class ends. A perfect class for all kids and teens who love to cook!


We offer camps for every season and school break of the year. Kids will learn various topics in each course surrounding that season.

After many classes, they will also bring back the food they made home with them. Additionally you can purchase a whole extra meal to bring back for the whole family that the kids will cook themselves!






Kids love learning how to cook and compete with each other in the kitchen. We offer 5 different themed birthday parties to suit your needs.

Mexican Food

Pizza Party

American Classics

Asian Cuisines

Cupcake Wars


Every Wednesday we offer classes for kids coming out of school right here in the bay area. Kids will learn various skills they need to become chefs and generally be better cooks in the kitchen! Classes begin January 8th! Sign Up Below!