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Basic Cooking Skills – Class 3

Class 3 – Perfecting Your New Skills

So fare we’ve learned a few quick dishes and really starting to branch out to some dishes just a bit more complicated.  For our third lesson, we will use salmon in various ways.  First, we will get a whole fish and you’ll get to see how its broken down into usable pieces.  We will have an option to have the skin on or off.  If we do it one, it will be done so the skin is crispy.  To celebrate this dish, we will have it done ceviche style where its cooked with acid.  Second method of preparation will be in a hot skillet where the skin is seared criispy and we will arroser the dish by spooning hot butter over the top.  Third method of preperation will be poaching.  And by poaching we are not just boiling this delicate meat.  No there will be aromatics and much more to flavor the fish.  Lastly, one of my favorite methods of preparation is to cook in parchment paper or papillot.

On The Menu


Wild Rice Pilaf

Mixed Vegetables

+ Bonus Choice Item

What To Expect

In this class we will be going over a deep dive on the menu listed above. We will begin with Starting Course and Work our way to desert to finish off the night.

Be prepared to get hands on and get a little messy on this one as we will be working with flour and sauces that tend to make a mess for beginners.

This class also leads into our 4th class of 4 available for learning. View The Course Program Here.

Difficulty Level Of Class
Junior Cook

Class Information & Tickets

June 3



1410 62nd Street, Suite D

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About Your Teacher


Doug (or Douggie Fresh as he likes to be called), is a Master Chef and the founder of ITK Culinary. He has been cooking, prepping, and enhancing peoples views on food and what it means to eat for over 25 years.


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